Top 5 Studios in Auckland

A list of the Top 5 Recording Studios in Auckland

If your looking for the top recording studios in Auckland for you’re next project you’ve come to the right place.

Roundhead Studios

Roundhead started in 2007 and is owned by Neil Finn of Crowded House. They have a large room upstairs with a vintage Neve 8088 console in the control room. Some really nice outboard including Teletronix LA2A, Teletronix LA3A and 2 x Universal Audio 1176.

Downstairs they have a smaller room with a small API 1608 console and again some nice outboard including, 4x Neve 1073 Preamps and 2x Universal Audio LA3a.

All in all a lovely, well put together and well run studio.

Revolver Studio

Situated just an hour from the centre is Revolver Studio, also known as ‘an Engineer’s Heaven’.

Not only does this studio have a large 38 channel SSL G+ Console, it also has a vintage Neve 24 channel console with the classic 1073 eq. Bringing to mind the old adage ‘Record on Neve, Mix on SSL’. In this studio you can do just that and not have to leave the room.

The outboard is extensive:

UREI 1176LN Black Face (2)
Drawmer DS-201 (6)
DBX-160 (2)
DBX 900 Single Space Rack with 2 DBX 902
Pultec MEQ-5
Roland SDE-3000 (2)
TC Electronics TC-2290
Lexicon PCM-70
Lexicon 480L
AMS 1580-S

Full EMT Plate
Neve 33609 (3)

AWA Valve compressor (Keith Richards Favourite)

And that’s just some of the outboard. As you can see the list is long.

Then there’s the large collection of vintage mics including 2 Neumann valve 67

2 Neumann valve 47

2 vintage Valve Sony C-37A  mics

2 B+K

4 Neumann u87

4 AKG 414

4 Sennheiser 421

And that’s just some of the mics…….

The main recording area is a large room full of old character and everything that’s recorded in it sounds absolutely awesome, especially drums and guitars. There’s a Yamaha Grand Piano and also a Hammond B3 with Leslie cabinet.

A roaring fire for the winter sessions

A nice Ludwig Kit, various Marshall, Fender and Vox amps.

There’s also a 5ft gong for those subtle moments:)

Monitoring in the large control room of Revolver is impressive. Situated in a 43-ton volcanic rock wall are custom built Boxer 4K monitors as used in Peter Gabriel’s Real-World studio.

As well as the main recording area there are also great sounding areas on both sides of the control room.

Other than that, there’s your own kitchen area, a nice outdoor decked area and overnight cabins for those who want to stay.

Heaven indeed.

Contact Kenny: 021 234 0095

The Lab Studio

The Lab situated in Mount Eden has been around since 1980. It has a nice recording area and a vintage custom 53 series Neve. A good selection of mics and some nice cafes nearby.

Contact Olly:  021 933 999

Ellamy Studio

Situated in Blockhouse Bay Ellamy is a really nice small boutique studio with a great sounding room. Owned and run by Louis Bernstone, a highly experienced engineer and producer. The studio uses a Vintage D&R Triton 44 console and records onto both ProTools and tape.

Contact Louis on 021 846 680

Stebbing Studio

Situated in Herne Bay Stebbing has been around for donkeys. Has a couple of large studio areas with some old consoles but seems to concentrate on CD manufacture.

Still, nice cafes nearby.

That’s all for the top 5 Recording Studios in Auckland. Hope you found it useful and will update if any more come on the scene.

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