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Recording Studio in Auckland with SSL & Neve Consoles


A highly creative and relaxing atmosphere coupled with recording areas and an equipment list that’s hard to beat makes this recording studio completely unique.  

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Welcome to Revolver – The Recording Studio in Auckland that no others can match, either with equipment, experience, creativity or atmosphere.

Control Room

recording studio control room 1

Our control room features not only the worlds most sought after consoles but also a large highly accurate monitoring system embedded in a wall made from 43 tons of volcanic rock. Whenever you listen back on this system at any level there is absolutely nothing colouring the sound you hear. This monitoring system is also used in Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio.

Both consoles in the room are classics. A 38 channel SSL G+ and a 1973 24 channel Neve with the legendery 1073 eq.

There’s an old adage used by experienced engineers ‘Record on Neve and Mix on SSL’. In this studio it can happen without leaving the room!


Love, love, love. 
Fantastic studio, wonderful Neve and SSL consoles, great acoustics for drums, excellent Yamaha C7 grand piano, lovely vibe and beautiful hosts.

James Dickson


control room outboard

As far as outboard is concerned, there’s plenty of it and quite a few that you will never see in any plugin folder. For example the AWA valve compressor limiter, a favorite of Keith Richards and one of only a few in the world. We can guarantee there are no plugins capable of producing the results that this old classic can. (its on this end – VU meter and 4 big knobs)

Other classics include:

UREI 1176LN Black Face (2) LA-2A, Drawmer DS-201 (6)
DBX-160 (2)
DBX 900 Single Space Rack with 2 DBX 902
Pultec MEQ-5, Roland SDE-3000 (2) TC Electronics TC-2290, Lexicon PCM-70, Lexicon 480L, AMS 1580-S, Full EMT Plate, AMS RMX-16, Neve 33609 (3)

The list goes on….



The best studio in New Zealand! Amazing atmosphere, the best mic locker around and an inspiring location.

Louis Bernstone

Ellamy Studio Engineer

Recording Areas

Main Studio Recording Area

main studio area

In front of the control room is a large recording area with partition areas off to the left. This room simply put, not only sounds stunning but has a great relaxing atmosphere of which many artists who’ve recorded here, have commented on.

It is complete with a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, a Hammond B3 with valve Leslie cabinet, a Ludwig kit, several Marshall, Fender and Vox amps and of course a real fire for the winter sessions. 

Live band sessions are handled with ease here and have been broadcast to Radio and TV on previous occasions.

Right Side Recording Area

recording in Auckland right side ISO area

To the right of the control room we have one of the isolation areas complete with Corinthian columns, a colourful and great sounding upright piano and of course the gong!

A great alternative to the main room for recording when a different ambiance is needed.

All rooms can be connected with each other and with either or both consoles giving this recording studio in Auckland a huge advantage when setting up live sessions.

Left Side Recording Area

studio Auckland left side ISO area

To the left of the control room is another isolation area which again can be screened off. This area is favored by vocalists as the side doors can open onto the deck and they can look out to the surrounding countryside beyond.

As for mics there are plenty of classics to choose from including:

2 Neumann valve 67, 2 Neumann valve 47

2 vintage Valve Sony C-37A  mics, 2 Bruel & Kjaer

4 Neumann u87, 6 AKG 414

4 Sennheiser 421 and the list goes on….


Fantastic studio and engineers, excellent atmosphere, and gear. 
I would highly recommend.

David Salmon


revolver studio Auckland Studer A80

If you would rather not have to look at a computer screen for hours on end and not have to go round in circles adjusting endless plugin settings then how about recording directly to and mixing from – tape? In our machine room sits the world’s best 2 inch 24 track – the Studer A80 which also has the 16 track head option.

There’s a great documentary called Back and Forth on netflix about the Foo Fighters recording to tape with Butch Vig in Dave Grohl’s  garage. A short trailer is on the right.

Recording to tape adds a whole new dimension to the sound and also to the performance of the musicians.

Editing is done with a sharp blade not a mouse click.

The final mixing process then becomes a unique performance.

Have a look at some of the clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with…

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